Mankind is currently blowing 11 billion tonnes of carbon into the air every single year in the form of C02. In 2018, the UK net emissions of carbon dioxide were provisionally estimated to be 364.1 million tonnes, which although was 2.4 percent lower than in 2017, is still far from the net-zero carbon economy that has been promised by 2050. Why are carbon emissions so damaging? Carbon dioxide is one of the main greenhouse gases that trap heat in the atmosphere, which leads to rising temperatures and climate change. So, what is the best way to tackle and reverse climate change? Reduce the amount of carbon dioxide trapped in the atmosphere. The best way to do this? Trees.

As trees grow, they absorb and store the carbon dioxide emissions that are driving climate change. So, by planting more trees we can, in essence, reduce the amount of CO2 that is allowed to enter our atmosphere, and thus start reversing the damaging effects it has had on our world. This almost seems like a too simple solution. But that is the point, the solution is simple. It’s easy, and it’s the cheapest way of reversing climate change. Professor Tom Crowther states that planting trees is

“Overwhelmingly more powerful than all of the other climate change solutions”.

Therefore, the UK government is aiming to plant 30,000 hectares of trees every year for the next three decades in order to reach their aim of a net-zero carbon economy. However, the reality is that they are not on target. This is why there is a need for us and our work. The government cannot achieve this target on their own, and they shouldn’t necessarily have to. Everyone can help and become involved in supporting our aim of planting a minimum of 500,000 trees in the first three years of our operation.

If you don’t believe us, that it is this simple, then take it from the leading scientists in this field. International research done by ETH-Zurich (the leading university in science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in Switzerland was published in the journal Science just last year, exploring the benefits of planting trees for tackling the climate crisis. They found that there is space on Earth, not including urban areas or areas used to grow food, to increase Earth’s forestation by 25%. By mass reforestation of this scale, we could reduce atmospheric carbon by about 25%. To put this into perspective, this amounts to about half of all carbon emitted by humans since 1960. Now we alone cannot achieve this, however, we can start to work towards this by looking a little closer to home; the UK.

Climate change can only be reversed if everyone takes responsibility and does their part. We enable individuals, small businesses, small organisations, and communities to contribute by buying into and supporting our tree planting schemes. Our initiative is a step forward in the right direction; a direction that points us to a future where climate change will no longer be the biggest threat to us and our home on Planet Earth.

Local solutions for global problems. #Time4Trees

We’re planting a brighter future in the UK, for everyone.

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